Best Drifting Scooter Guide – Top Drift Scooter Brands Review

Drifting scooter devices (called Hoverboards) have got kids (and adults) very excited over the last few months which made them one of the hottest Christmas gifts. Within a short time, these devices have become enormously popular and even celebrities like Wiz Khalifa and Justin Bieber are using them which has grown the popularity of drifting scooters still further. These devices make use of self-balancing technology and allow riders to maintain stability while commuting to their workplaces or for casual use by children. A drifting scooter draws power from a Lithium battery fitted within (look out for good quality Samsung batteries for the best hoverboard battery life) and allows you to travel at speeds of up to 20km/h depending on the model. Read on and find out more about four of the best drifting scooter brands in the market.

Here are the hoverboards to consider. These are marked as safe by our review team and you should only buy a hoverboard from this table. 

ImageHoverboard BrandMax Speed (Kilometers Per Hour)Wheel SizeOur Rating (#)
Halo Rover Hoverboard15 km/h8.5 inches1
Genesis H1 Gemini Hoverboard20 km/h7.5 Inches2
Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard12.87 km/h7 Inches3
Spadger Hoverboard11.26 km/h6.5 Inches4
Skque Bluetooth Hoverboard10 km/h8 Inches5
Epikgo Hoverboard16 km/h8.5 Inches6
Hoverzon Hoverboard12.87 km/h8 Inches7

The hoverboards described below have not passed our safety tests.

What are the best drifting scooter brands for sale?


Choosing the best drift scooter can be difficult.

Powerboard is one of the best drifting scooter brands and is quite popular amongst our review team and website visitors alike. The 2-wheeled boards from this manufacturer come with some excellent features and comes with reliable self-balancing technology which has been carefully thought out. The Powerboard is available in various colors, like white, red, black, blue and chrome. The one pictured above is a Chrome Powerboard which I think is the best looking hoverboard from the brand.

The boards draw power from a robust rechargeable battery. Users can get a total battery time of 6 hours, which provides more than enough time for long commutes or prolonged usage. There is a smart battery indicator which shows the battery status and how much charge is left. Buyers can get a maximum speed of around 8mph with these boards, which make them safe for children to use. Any faster and I think it will be too fast for children and risk their safety. Simple leaning to the front and back can be enough to operate the boards. While slowing down, users have to lean back a little in order to maintain their balance.

The Powerboard has a maximum hoverboard weight limit of 220 pounds.  The Powerboard can offer a maximum range of around 15 miles although the total distance traveled on such boards actually depend on varied factors such as the terrain, battery life remaining, weight of the rider and the speed they are travelling at. Consumers are not recommended to use the boards on grassy surfaces, as grass can get stuck between the wheels and can be difficult to remove.

These boards come with foot pads which are large in size, and made of thick rubber which ensures durability. The Powerboard foot pads contain grooves which offer stability for the hoverboard riders. The strong construction of these boards has been praised highly by consumers, and the operations are made simple with an instruction manual which is included free of charge.


What is the best drifting scooter? We review the contenders for this title.

Swagway is possibly the first brand that came out with a drifting scooter, as early as 2001. These scooters draw power from electric batteries fitted within the device. The Swagway boasts of some of the best robotic technology and accelerometers in the market, as well as excellent quality gyroscopes. The wheels of the Swagway hoverboard are around 7 inches in diameter. For beginners, the larger the diameter of the wheels, the more control you will have.

The Swagway offers a maximum speed of around 10 miles per hour, which is fast enough but not too quick to make you feel unsafe at riding fast. The Swagway usually comes fully charged, which allows you to take it out of the box and start riding immediately! The unit can be charged up fast, and this is one of the main reasons why I like the Swagway drifting scooter.

The 25-page instruction manual provided along with each scooter from Swagway offers useful tips on how to ride the drifting scooter safely. Riding this kind of drifting scooter is slightly risky for people who have never used one before, so make sure you take your time.  Although children can ride these devices more easily due to lower body weight, kids have a tendency to travel faster than they need to, so make sure they use a hoverboard helmet when using the Swagway.

The Low Battery Protection feature of the Swagway hoverboard is an excellent feature. Once the battery power drops below 10%, the speed of the drifting scooter becomes slower and the device ultimately comes to a total stop. Within one to two hours, the batteries can be 100% charged. The batteries can be charged to 80% capacity in about half an hour. Once the battery power goes too low, LED indicator lights blink and sound alarms notify users that they need to stop riding the drifting scooter. It is important not to keep riding the device once the battery power gets too low, or you will risk falling off!

Some of the drifting scooters from Swagway come with amazing features which give you the ability to do stunts and flips after you have got the hang of the basics. Check out our more in-depth review of the Swagway X1 Hoverboard here.


Is this one of the best drifting scooters for sale?

Razor is one of the newer manufacturers in the market for drifting scooter devices, but it has become popular with its high quality hoverboards. The scooters from Razor are constructed out of shatter-resistant polymer which makes them extremely durable and hard wearing which makes them suitable for children.

You can reach speeds of around 6 mph with the Razor hoverboard with a total run time of up to 115 minutes. The Razor supports a maximum weight of around 220 pounds, which is good news for heavier riders. There is an LED balance level indicator and battery power indicator which allows users to know how much charge is left in the Lithium ion battery pack powering the scooters. This means you can monitor how much power is left and prevents any nasty suprises with the hoverboard coming to a complete stop unexpectedly.

The Razor hoverboards comes with long-lasting wheels made of rubber. There are aluminum hubs that safeguard the wheels on rougher terrains. The patented self balancing technology from Hovertrax and the advanced gyro-sensor technology make it easier for buyers to ride the devices from this brand. There are dual hub motors in each of these scooters, which do not produce any noise during riding.

As advised by Razor, they only recommend riders aged 13 years and above to use their hoverboards. As these scooters are light in weight, they can easily carried by hand. A 1-year warranty is offered by the company, and any issues on the technical front or construction would be handled by Razor during this period. This is a durable product, so I don’t think you will have any issues with the hoverboard itself.

The fantastic customer service offered by Razor is one of the main reasons why this brand is so popular with our review team. Most buyers have reported that they have been able to get a lot of help from the customer support team. Any technical or construction issues can be rectified within the warranty period offered to consumers by Razor in a timely manner, which is very important. You can read a more in-depth review of the Razor Hoverboard here.


The drifting scooter series from Jetson Electric, another new entrant in the market, offers the best of self-balancing technology to customers. This is a no-frills device which allows you to play music while on the go. There is a Bluetooth speaker that can help you to stream music easily from your Bluetooth enabled tablet or phone. You can easily listen to all your favorite tracks once you pair your mobile device to the scooter. It boasts of immersive stereo quality sound, which makes listening to music very enjoyable while you hoverboard. You can control the volume easily with your mobile device, using it as a remote for your scooter speakers. Take a look at other bluetooth hoverboards here.

The Jetson drifting scooters have two wheels and the hoverboard has a total weight of around 33 pounds. This makes them easy to carry by hand when the battery charge gets depleted. The wheels of the devices are larger in size, which allow users to cover more distance in a short time. The devices run on power drawn from a lithium battery, and can go for about 13 miles on a single charge. There is a maximum speed of 13 miles per hour, but this depends on the model of Jetson that you choose. There is a powerful motor fitted in each device, which takes care of the operations and power that is necessary for each ride. Stunts and maneuvers can easily be done with these scooters which our review team loved.

Riders can balance well due to gyroscope sensors fitted in the Jetson hoverboard. There is a one of a kind Gyro-Technology which adds to the comfort and convenience of riders. There are advanced gyroscope sensors which make self-balancing easy for riders. A UL Certified charger provided along with the devices allow faster recharging of the 36v/5.8mAh Li-Ion battery, generally within an hour. An instructional manual offered with these scooters offer the directions needed for operating the Jetson hoverboard quickly. The scooters are offered with a warranty of 1 year from the company.

You can accelerate as well as decelerate simply by leaning to the front and back. Jetson drifting scooters are easy to operate and the durable construction ensures that you will have no problems with the device. Jetson hoverboards are water-resistant which means that you can use it even during a storm! There would be no fear of the board surface getting soaked and ruined due to contact with water.

These scooters boast of Lithium Ion battery pack from Samsung. Samsung batteries are well-reputed and unlike many inferior batteries, which tend to catch fire or explode when overcharged, we see no problems with these batteries. The batteries fitted within these scooters are about 32% bigger than standard 36v/4.4mAh batteries and are higher in capacity. The scooters are recommended to be used by riders aged 13 years and over. You can read a more in-depth review of the Jetson hoverboard range here.

Which Drift Scooter Brand Should You Buy From?

When it comes to the question of which is the best drifting scooter brand to purchase from, there are no clear answers. While Swagway has been in the market for a long time and is a reliable brand to go for, newer entrants like Razor, Jetson and Powerboard are offering fierce competition. Each of these drifting scooter brands come with excellent features, so I would advise to read the reviews of people who have purchased each of these hoverboards and analyze the pros and cons for each hoverboard. Good luck in your search for your first drifting scooter!

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