Best Electric Scooters For Kids Guide 2016

Trying to find the best electric scooters for kids can be very difficult. At one time, kids longed for a bicycle and electric scooters were the stuff of dreams or simply unimaginable. Today, electric scooters, like hoverboards, are the must have product for the next year. Whether for cruising down paths, hills and roads and exploring different kinds of terrains, these toy-like devices are very useful and are designed especially for children who are growing up and want to explore. These scooters can be found with different kinds of features and in varied sizes. So read our review of some of the best electric scooters for kids below.

Best Electric Scooters for Kids – Review of our Top 5 Scooters

There are various types of scooters available for kids in the market, which can make choosing one an overwhelming task. Check out this review of our top 5 recommendations for the best electric scooters for kids

Super Cycles and Scooters BlackSUP800-2 Super TurboElite Electric Scooter

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This is one of the best electric scooters for kids.

If your child is a “speed baby”, this is the ideal choice. One of the best electric scooters for kids, it has an aesthetic design and mono shocks in the front and rear end, which allow a lot of comfort while riding on rough surfaces. The extra wide tires and solid frame ensures a smooth ride quality. A headlamp, a removable wide seat and a seat pole are some other features.

There is a manually operable twist throttle with Econo mode and Turbo mode button. It consists of a 1000W motor fitted with a Turbo 1000-Elite. The motor is powered by a 36 volt battery which helps spin it at 3000 rpm and notch a peak speed of 41 kmph – which is very fast. On the basis of the weight of rider as well as the terrain, the battery can allow the scooter to go around 30km in distance on a single charge.

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

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This is a great kids electric scooter

If your kid likes vintage designs, this Razor Pocket electric scooter would be a great choice. This kids electric scooter offers a comfortable and smooth ride quality. It comes with a chain-powered motor which can offer sufficient torque to make the device notch up a peak speed of 24 km/ph. There are dual 12V sealed and re-chargeable lead acid batteries which allow a total run time of 40 minutes or 16 kms. However, the battery takes 12 hours to be charged completely.

Currie Technologies 500 eZip Electric Scooter

This is a great kids electric scooter.

This scooter has a stylish appearance, and its sturdy frame is constructed out super-tensile steel which is enough to support the weight of most children. It has wide mag alloy wheels with 5 spokes and tires of 12.5 inch diameter sporting a type of technology known as tuff-tire which ensures smooth rides. It consists of a throttle and a power on/off switch with the battery gauge. It draws power from a 500W motor.

Razor E300 Electric Kid’s Scooter

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The Razor E300 offers an excellent ride and is a great electric scooter for kids.

It has a sleek design, and has been built to be long-lasting for use by children. There is a spring-loaded kickstand, tires with a 10-inch diameter and manually operable rear brakes to ensure safe and smooth rides. Its strong, large frame and deck can support kids of any age group. The LED lights indicate the battery charge status. It is powered by a 24-volt battery which allows a total run time of 40 minutes. Kids can get a peak speed of around 24 kmph when using this electric scooter.

Razor E200 Electric Kid’s Scooter

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The Razor e200 kids electric scooter is reviewed here.

This is a robust scooter and comes with a spring loaded kickstand, big pneumatic tires with 8-inch diameter and manually operable rear brakes. It has a single piece deck which is light in weight and consists of a strong grip tape which can offer a solid surface to ride on. There are superior, sporty wheels at the front and rear made of urethane to ensure durability. The scooter offers smooth rides. It draws power from a 24-volt battery and provides riders with a maximum speed of 19 kilometers per hours. Its battery is able to last for around 40 minutes of continuous riding, and it takes around 12 hours to be recharged completely, which is common in kids electric scooters.

Buying Electric Scooters for Kids – Top Things to Consider

When you are looking for the best electric scooters for kids, you need to consider these points:

  • Size – First of all, the size of the scooter should be appropriate for the child. Considering the fact that these scooters are offered in varied sizes, you child has to get the right size for his stature.
  • Safety – Safety is another important point that you need to consider. As kids will never use scooters like grown-ups and perform various crazy maneuvers while riding, it is recommended that you look for scooters which come with excellent safety specifications.
  • Speed – is another important thing you need to think about. Naturally, don’t buy a very powerful electric scooter with a 40km/h top speed if you think your child is going to be reckless whilst riding.

Design, Battery Life and Durability are some other things that you have to consider.

Electric Scooters for Kids – Advantages and Disadvantages

Electric scooters, other than being easy to operate vehicle, also come with numerous advantages.

First of all, these make riders less fatigued as compared to how they feel when they ride bicycles. These scooters cushion children from pushing their motorcycles and pedaling vigorously on a constant basis. Given that these bikes draw power from batteries, there is no need to pedal. These are also more pleasurable to ride, as compared to various other toy vehicles such as hoverboards. Compared to bikes, these are much safer and can be maintained more easily.

However, these also come with some disadvantages. First of all, when kids ride these at extremely high speeds, there is a greater chance of accidents occuring. Kids can suffer big injuries if these electric scooters are used irresponsibly.

We hope these recommendations for the best electric scooters for kids has given you food for thought.

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