Best Electric Unicycle Review 2016 – Motorized Unicycle

Trying to choose the best electric unicycle can be very difficult. The electric unicycle is sometimes called an EUC or Self Balancing Electric Unicycle and is a personal transportation device which like the hoverboard, is growing in popularity. They are different from hoverboards since these self balancing scooter devices have two wheels, while the electric unicycle consists of just one wheel that generally measures 12 to 16 inches in diameter. Some of these consist of a large wheels measuring up to 18 inches.

In order to use it, you need to step over two platforms present on each side of the electric unicycle’s wheel. You can move the unicycle by shifting your weight forwards and backwards. Electric Unicycles come with a singular wheel and the motors offer amazing power and torque. These are great for off-road rides or for general commuting, and they’re sure to turn a few heads as you ride it through the street!

Best Electric Unicycle Review 2016 – What Motorized Unicycle For Sale Should I Choose?

Why are Electric Unicycles Better Than Hoverboards?

Electric unicycles offer a number of advantages over hoverboards in our opinion, which include the following:

  • Speed

When you step onto your electric unicycle for the first time, you will realize straight away that these unicycles are lightening quick! The GotWay MSuper, which is the quickest EUC that we have reviewed, offers a top speed of around 22mph . This makes it much faster than typical hoverboards with 7-inch wheels which generally have a maximum hoverboard speed capacity of 6.2 mph.

  • Off-Roading capability

The off-road riding capability is one of the biggest advantages of using the electric unicycle over a hoverboard. As it comes with one bigger-sized wheel, you can easily ride on gravel, grass, dirt and just about any other type of surface. While hoverboards with 10-inch wheel size can manage to move on some rough surfaces, 7-inch wheeled boards only work on very smooth surfaces such as concrete. The best electric unicycle has wheels which are 12-16 inches in diameter.

  • Climbing Up Curbs and Down

With the electric unicycle, you can also climb up and down curbs easily, as well as climb stairs. As it has wheel of a larger size than a hoverboard, you can overcome bigger-sized obstacles. With some amount of practice, you may also climb up and down stairs which is a nice trick to show off to your friends.

  • Learning curve

Despite the number of advantages that the electric unicycle has over the hoverboard, the electric unicycle is harder to ride than a conventional hoverboard. You can read our How to Ride a Hoverboard guide as many of the same methods are used when you ride your electric unicycle for the first time.You need to practice more in order to be able to properly learn to ride this vehicle. Don’t go too fast on the electric unicycle until you have mastered how to use it!

Many users with some amount of experience recommend newbies to purchase a low-cost unicycle to train with. Once they have learned the ropes, new users can move on to costlier and more powerful unicycles. We agree with this line of thought, as I damaged my first electric unicycle quite a bit when I first started out.

Even if you have already purchased an expensive one, you can buy rubber bumper strips and put them on your electric unicycle – which seem to do the job quite well when we applied the bumper strips to our motorized unicycle. You have to cover the spots which have to withstand the most damage, which will vary from rider to rider depending on their riding style. You can take the strips off once you have greater confidence in your riding abilities, but it is better to leave them on, as these strips can also protect your calves and shins from getting sore due to constant friction with the unicycle body.

  • Size

Electric unicycles are also heavier in weight compared to hoverboards. Many of these vehicles are about 3 pounds in weight, which makes them quite heavy. Most unicycles also get quite uncomfortable after prolonged use. In comparison, hoverboards are easier on the legs and feet and you can use them for longer.

Best Electric Unicycle 2016 – What is the Best Motorized Unicycle 2016?

When you are looking for the best electric unicycle, the following unicycles should be first on your list of potential electric unicycles to buy.


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This is one of the best electric unicycle devices for beginners that we have reviewed.

We foudn the Airwheel X3 to offer a truly excellent all round performance. It is one of the best electric unicycle devices for beginners. Although it is not lightening fast compared to other motorized unicycles, it has solid build quality which makes it amazingly robust and capable of withstanding falls and bumps. However, the device tends to stop abruptly and without any prior notification when the battery is low, while you are still riding, so be careful!

The Airwheel electric unicycle can has a maximum distance range of approximately 23 km and comes with a top speed of 18 kph. This is a strong entry level unicycle, which is why we would recommend it as one of the best electric unicycle devices for those starting out.

IPS 121

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This is one of the best motorized unicycle devices we have reviewed.

The IPS 121  is a fast and comfortable electric unicycle which comes highly recommended by our review team and is able to do everything you’d want a motorized unicycle to do. With excellent range, narrow width, a wheel with a 16-inch diameter and lightening speed, it is able to offer amazing rides from the off. This is a versatile electric unicycle which is powered by a 340w battery. It can give you a maximum range of approximately 40 km. There is another version of this electric unicycle which has a 260w battery that is smaller in size and can offer a maximum distance range of 30km on a single charge. Well worth considering the IPS 121 in our opinion!

Ninebot One E+

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This is a great electric unicycle which comes with training wheels

The Ninebot One E+ looks fantastic and boasts of a futuristic design. The wheel of the Ninebot is 16-inches in diameter. The innovative modular appearance lets you customize the device and replace its separate sections. With a little care, this electric unicycle will last for many years.

It has a nice safety feature called a proprietary alarm, which vibrates and rings with a loud auditory warning in case the unicycle has technical problems. The maximum speed of 22 Kph is enough for the vast majority of electric unicycle riders and comes with a 35 km range on a single charge. We found the device to be extremely safe to ride, as they can come with training wheels which is ideal for electric unicycle beginners.

What is the Best Electric Unicycle?

On the basis of features, I would recommend the IPS 21 as the one to go for. However, if you are more concerned about safety and looks than speed and cost, the Ninebot One E+ is the one that you should buy. If you are looking for the best self balancing scooter rather than a unicycle, then check out or guide.

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