Best Hoverboard Accessories Guide – Hoverboard Helmets

Now that hoverboards are out, and everyone is going a little crazy over them, you are probably really excited to get one and learning to ride your new hoverboard. But in order to make the most of your riding experience, I’d recommend purchasing some of the accessories outlined below. Choosing the best hoverboard accessories such as hoverboard helmets, knee and elbow pads, aswell as sparing charging cables can be difficult. It is also essential to buy a warranty for your hoverboard. Read on and know about some of the best accessories for hoverboards that you should consider purchasing.

What are the best hoverboard accessories?

CPS Fashionable Two Wheel Self Balancing Scooter Backpack

The best hoverboard accessories must include a bag.

You can see our in depth review of some of the best hoverboard bags if you wish to research this area in greater depth. Our review team loved this bag and found that it protected the hoverboard well from any knocks and bumps while not in use. It consists of straps which can help you to carry your board on your back, which not all hoverboard bags have. Some of the other features of this bag:

  • It is designed to carry scooters of 6.5-inch tires.
  • It is made of Oxford material, which can help it to last for a long while.

Spare Hoverboard Charging Cable

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Looking for a spare hoverboard charging cable?

Hoverboard chargers sometimes need replaced as some of the chargers that come with your hoverboard sometimes don’t last long, or you may lose your charger (I’ve done it before). I’d recommend carrying a spare hoverboard charger when you are out and about, whilst having one remain safely at home.

The charger recommended above is a fit for all types of hoverboard models.

Tips to Power your Scooter

Make sure that you always plug the charger into your board prior to inserting the plug end to the socket. When charging is complete, unplug the charger first from the socket and then take it out from the scooter. When you do not wish to use your board for a long while, make sure that you charge the scooter after every 2 to 3 months so that the battery does not get wasted.

You should recharge the scooter after riding it each and every time. When you leave the scooter discharged partly, the battery life takes a hit and its lifespan is reduced in the long run.

1 Year Full Accidental Warranty Cover

It can be quite dangerous to ride a hoverboard. Accidents are always waiting to occur, even for riders who are extremely experienced. When you are on the go, it is necessary to take good care of your hoverboard. This is especially the case when you are handing over the scooter to your kids. Children will always be children and like to try new techniques of riding while they are on the board, and also try new maneuvers – some of which can be pretty dangerous. With a 1-year complete accidental warranty from, you can get the broken scooter replaced or fixed quickly whenever you want.


Round the Clock customer assistance

Coverage benefits, include:

  • Damage caused due to faulty handling
  • Failures resulting from wear and tear
  • Mechanical and electrical damage
  • Damages due to surge of electrical power
  • Transferring the warranty to someone else, or even cancelling it. The transferability makes it a perfect Christmas gift.

Safety Accessories for Hoverboards

For any hoverboard rider, safety is essential. It can be extremely dangerous to ride electric self balacing scooters, particularly while you are riding over rough surfaces. You should always prioritize on safeguarding yourself whilst riding – I know its not cool! Make sure that you are protected enough at all times before riding. Here are some safety accessories I’d recommend buying for your hoverboard.

Smith Safety Gear Scabs Elbow, Wrist and Knee Guard Set

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This pack comes with hoverboard knee pads, hoverboard elbow pads and hoverboard wrist pads.

While riding an electric self balancing scooter or hoverboard, the knee, elbow and wrists are three body parts that are exposed the most and are therefore the prime targets for broken bones.  This kit is essential for children. The pads used for constructing these boards are safe and flexible. They come with a strong, built-in splint which ensures maximum protection. These pads come in dual sets and are of varied sizes and colors. While buying them, you need to make sure you are choosing the size and color appropriate for your needs.

Triple Eight Certified Helmet

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This hoverboard helmet comes highly recommended

While riding hoverboards, make sure that your head is protected at all times. This hoverboard helmet from Triple Eight is certified by ASTM Skate and CPSC bike, which ensures high quality construction standards.  These hoverboard helmets coms in varied sizes and colors, and they have been designed to fit heads of different shapes. There are also dual inserts to make it fit the head properly. We think this is the best self balancing scooter helmet to buy at the moment, but other good helmets are available aswell.

Scooter Body Protector Guards

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These hoverboard body protectors offer great protection for your hoverboard

The Go Gilde Carbon Fiber Look Body Protector comes from Go Glide. These are protective stripes which can be pasted on various important exposed sections of hoverboards which can get damaged in case of accidental falls, such as the wheel arch. This kit consists of anti scratch protectors which protects the hoverboard from any unsightly marks. They look similar to carbon fiber, and actually provide protection like this material would. The entire set is available with 6 strips of easily past-able body protectors. I’d highly recommend buying hoverboard body protectors in order to increase the lifespan of your hoverboard.

Might Skins Vinyl Decor – Hoverboard Decals

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Hoverboard decals look great and improve the design of the hoverboard.

These hoverboard decals created by Mighty Skins come with varied designs which allow you to customize your hoverboard the way you like it. They are available in numerous styles and can be perfect to spice up your hoverboard.

As the popularity of hoverboards and self balancing scooters continues to increase, we will update this page in order to recommend more of the best hoverboard accessories. If you are still looking to buy a hoverboard, check out our reviews of some of the cheapest hoverboards. The Swagway Hoverboard is also worth a look.

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