Best Hoverboard Bag for Electric Self Balancing Scooters

Trying to find the best hoverboard bag can be very difficult. The hoverboard is undoubtedly one of the newest crazes for kids, teens and even grown-up! Hoverboards have become the must have personal transportation device after numerous celebrities such as Justin Bieber started using them. Hoverboards are also referred to as self-balancing scooters or Segways (minus the handles). There has also been a rise in the number of people buying electric unicycles, which offer a slightly more challenging riding experience.

You’re probably wondering how hoverboards work. Well, these devices come with a special type of technology, known as self balancing technology, which allows the scooter to sense when a rider is leaning in a particular direction. It corrects the board’s angle as well as trajectory automatically depending on the users movements. The electric motor can rotate the board’s wheel as per the instructions of the rider.

Hoverboards can be quite expensive. So I would recommend buying a guarantee or warranty for your hoverboard. This will allow you to get a replacement if for some reason it becomes damaged. I would also recommend purchasing a bag for your hoverboard. We try to identify the best hoverboard bag for your specific board.

Best Hoverboard Bag Recommendations for Self Balancing Scooters

CPS Fashion 2-Wheel Smart Self-Balancing Scooter Carry Backpack

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Trying to find the best hoverboard bag can be hard.

This is a stylish bag which is hard wearing and protective. It is lightweight and can be carried around easily. Constructed of Oxford cloth, it is perfect for carrying around a self balancing scooter with a size of around 6.5-inch

Myshine 2-wheel Smart Balancing Carrying Bag

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Our review team thought this was the best self balancing scooter bag

Constructed of superior nylon fabric, this is a stylish and long-lasting bag. It comes in black, aswell as light blue (see picture above). It is a very lightweight bag – weighing just 0.73 pounds. Hoverboards can fit comfortably into this bag, which has been designed to be resistant to water so is perfect for carrying around in all types of weather. It can fit hoverboards consisting of wheels 7-inches in size. With a warranty of 2 years, the hoverboard is backed up by it’s manufacturers guarantee.

Geek Waterproof Smart 2-Wheel Self-Balancing Carry bag

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This is a good bag for self balancing scooters

While this hoverboard bag may not look the most stylish compared to the MyShine and CPS bags, it still offers good protection for your hoverboard. Constructed of long-lasting materials coated in waterproof resistant material, the manufacturers have taken their time to ensure this hoverboard bag offers maximum protection. This hoverboard bag has been designed to fit scooters with 10, 8 and 6.5-inch wheels. This black colored bag is made of waterproof Oxford cloth, and weighs a maximum 0.45 kg. Jack from our review team thought that this was the best hoverboard bag in terms of offering protection.

Fastwheel 2-wheel Scooter Carry Bag

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This is a great bag for hoverboards

The Fastwheel is a lightweight bag – just 0.7 pounds in weight. It is constructed out of superior, waterproof material and can carry Chic C1, MonoRover and S1 tires. There is 1 to 5 cm error correction feature in this bag, which allows you to take proper measurements of the board before purchasing the bag.

CYCWAY Self-Balancing Scooter Bag

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This is a great bag for self balancing scooters.

The CYCWAY Self-Balancing Scooter Bag is one of the best hoverboard bag models available on the market at the moment (in our opinion), and tucking your hoverboard away after use is very easy to do. The handle strap is well-padded and the battery brick has a mesh pocket to keep the charger for the board in. The CYCWAY bag has been designed to fit even 10-inch boards with ease, although there are different sizes available. Even very heavy boards can be carried around easily in this bag, which has been designed to be strong and durable. If you have been looking for a stylish bag to store and carry your board in, this one comes highly recommended from our review team.

Self-Balancing Scooters – How Did they Originate?

As far as the history of self-balancing scooters is concerned, there is not much that is known. We have written a guide on what is a hoverboard and the cost of a hoverboard can vary depending on the model you want to buy. These have come up only recently since mid 2015. The basic inspiration of the design and functionality seems to have obviously come from the fictiotious model shown in the ‘80s movie “Back to the Future II” that had Marty McFly zipping about on what seemed like a plastic board. A generation of movie-goers were inspired from that moment and longed for their own personal moment of hovering around on their own board.

Although hoverboards have now come into existence, those that can really fly in the air are actually in the hands of scientists and military personnel – just like the earliest drones. These are costly and not sold for public use due to the legalities involved. Quite naturally, you cannot still lay your hands on boards that actually hover in the air. It is hoped that one day the real fly-able hoveraboards will be made available for the public.

The hoverboards that are available at present are actually a cross between skateboards and Segways. Some startup firms have lately started to release these to the general public and these are being lapped up by kids as well as adults.

What Makes Hoverboards So Great?

The versatility of these devices and quick speeds offered by them means you can go to anywhere you like and with minimal effort. As compared to cars and public transport systems, these are also extremely environment-friendly. These do not pollute the air or produce unpleasant noise. You can recharge the on-board battery by plugging the board to an AC wall outlet.

The one problem with hoverboards, as many people comment, is that they have to be carried around when they lose their battery power. This is exactly the reason why choosing best hoverboard bag for your electric scooter is essential.

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