Hoverboard Helmet Guide – Review of the Best Helmet for Hoverboards

Choosing the best hoverboard helmet can be very difficult, because of the amount of choice that is available. Although hoverboards are very enjoyable to ride, riding them at fast speeds can be dangerous. In case of a slight miscalculation when performing some dangerous maneuvers or even while taking a sharp turn, there can be a fall and possible injury to the head of the rider if they are not careful. Both adults and kids are recommended to use a hoverboard helmet for this reason. Although hoverboards are fairly new devices in the market, there are stylish and high quality helmets already available for sale and the competition for your business is fierce. Take a look at some of the best helmets for hoverboards for sale below. If you are looking for other hoverboard accessories, check our guide!

What is the best hoverboard helmet?

Triple 8 Brainsaver Rubber Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner

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The Triple 8 is a great hoverboard helmet offering excellent protection.


This helmet comes from the company “Triple Eight”, and as its name indicates – it has been designed to offer protection to the brain! This is a multi-impact helmet which can be used to safeguard the head from impact in various kinds of activities, such as while riding scooters, roller derbies, in-line skating or skateboarding, aswell as for hoverboards. However, it is not recommended for cyclists.

People who visit our website have praised it for the comfortable fit it offers, as well as its durability. Most consumers have reported that it lasts really well even with daily use. The highlight of this accessory is the patented Sweatsaver liner which can eliminate blurring or stinging in the eye due to sweat and also prevent bad perspiration smells within the helmet. There are moisture absorbing layers in the liner which can reduce dripping of sweat. There is no stink due to anti-bacterial technology. The 360° wrap around design makes sure that there is no separation of the liner. You will experience no itchiness to the head due to use of terry cloth in the making of this helmet. The Sweatsaver liner patented by Triple Eight is fantastic. This would be a great helmet for hoverboard users in our view. There are adjustable straps which allow easy fit for riders aswell to provide a snug fit.

PROTEC Original Classic Helmet CPSC-Certified

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The Protec is one of the best helmets for hoverboards we think.

This hoverboard helmet has been created by a company known as PROTEC Original. This helmet consists of a strong ABS hardshell designed to offer maximum protection from severe impact. There is comfortable EPS foam used as lining to allow a lot of protection. For optimal comfort, there are spacious fit pads. These days, EPS foam liners are regarded as a standard in the industry and are used with every helmet that is certified by CPSC.

There are strong nylon straps in the helmet which are easily adjustable in form. The straps along with secure buckles offer a perfect fit and make sure that they stay put even on strong impact. There are as many as 11 vents that are placed strategically, in order to allow proper ventilation during long rides. There are no worries of the helmet coming apart, due to long-lasting rivets of stainless steel being used in here. Along with EPS foam liners and an ABS hardshell, the strong rivets make this one of the safest hoverboard helmets in the market and a hoverboard helmet which should be on your list to buy.

Although some people who have contacted us have commented that it only comes in plain colors, and vibrant body paint options would have satisfied the fashion concisious, most customers do not have anything negative to say about the protection that it offers. Protec is a well-known manufacturer anyway, and you can expect solid build quality and safety with this helmet.

Bell Segment Multi-Sport Helmet

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This is one of the best self balancing scooter helmet models for sale in our view.

This hoverboard helmet has been constructed by Bell, and its shape imitates that of classic skateboarding helmets. With a hard ABS plastic shell, it looks like an inverted bowl and is very strong in build although quite flexible at the same time. It makes use of a number of EPS foam pads in the interior, which are joined by a reinforced framework. There are 8 vents along the sides of the helmet, which ensures exit of hot air and entry of cooler air.

The helmet fits the head easily, just like a cap, and satisfies all existing safety standards. It complies with ASTM BMX standards. It is large enough to fit any type of head, and soft straps can easily be adjusted to suit the helmet on any type of crown. Most people who have contacted us about this hoverboard helmet have praised its strong construction and the fact that it is very comfortable to wear even in hot weather conditions.

PROTEC Original Full Cut Helmet

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Possibly the best helmet for hoverboard and self balancing scooters in our opinion.

This hoverboard helmet has been manufactured by Pro-Tec, and is the new version of the original helmet of the ‘70s which has been featured in many movies and TV shows since that time. With stainless steel hardware and a dual-stage foam liner of soft variety, it offers a lot of protection to the head and ear while eliminates smells, blurring and stinging of eyes due to perspiration.

It has been designed to be used for various types of activities, such as most types of roller sports and roller derby activities. It is also perfect for scooter riders, in-line skaters or rollerbladers and skateboarders, aswell as hoverboards. Many customers have praise the fact that it sits light and comfortably on the crown, and does not put the head under stress.

Best Hoverboard Helmet for Kids

There are numerous hoverboard helmet products that suit children, but we like the…

Razor V-17 Child Multi-sport Helmet

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This is possibly the best hoverboard helmet for kids.

This hoverboard helmet comes from the stable of Razor, and is a hoverboard helmet for kids in mind. This brand also manufacturer the Razor Hovertrax Hoverboard that we have reviewed. With a state of the art design and superior construction and quality, this is a multi-sport helmet that can be used for other sports aswell as hoverboarding. There are buckles on the sides that can be fastened and adjusted fast. There are as many as 17 vents at the sides and on the top which allow riders to stay cool even in the peak of summer. The buckles at the sides can be released quickly, and it is easy to adjust these and ensure that kids can stay cool at all the time they are riding it.

There is ergonomic padding on the inner side, which allows maximum comfort for riders aswell as offering superior protection. It satisfies all the safety standards of CPSC. It is one of the safest and best hoverdboard helmets for kids, which can also be used for other types of sports such as skating or biking. Most parents have nothing but praise for this helmet, and kids love it for the style factor. This is a very stylish accessory that makes hoverboarding even cooler for kids.

Aswell as buying a helmet, I would recommend buying a hoverboard warranty to give your hoverboard the protection it needs. Think of this as the hoverboard’s helmet! In order to stay safe, make sure the hoverboard speed is not too fast for your level of ability.

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