Jetson Hoverboard Review – What is the Best Jetson Hoverboard?

We’ve had a lot of people contact us asking our view on the Jetson Hoverboard range. So, we thought we’d complete a Jetson Hoverboard Review to help you choose the right hoverboard for your needs. Hoverboards, the new version of skateboards with self-balancing technology, are all the rage at the moment. This year, these have topped the list of Christmas gifts and are being used for everything from running errands to commuting to places close by. The Glyro Self Balancing Scooter Turbo w/Bluetooth Speakers, Black by Jetson Electric is one of the latest hoverboards to hit the market. If you wish to enjoy a personal ride on a no-hassles board and also enjoy music on the go, this is a device that you will like to go for. Check out the full review of the unit and know all about it, including its features, pros and cons.

There are other hoverboards available in the market to consider:

ImageHoverboard BrandMax Speed (Kilometers Per Hour)Wheel SizeOur Rating (#)
Halo Rover Hoverboard15 km/h8.5 inches1
Genesis H1 Gemini Hoverboard20 km/h7.5 Inches2
Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard12.87 km/h7 Inches3
Spadger Hoverboard11.26 km/h6.5 Inches4
Skque Bluetooth Hoverboard10 km/h8 Inches5
Epikgo Hoverboard16 km/h8.5 Inches6
Hoverzon Hoverboard12.87 km/h8 Inches7

Jetson Hoverboard Review

We thought we'd complete advise and complete a best Jetson hoverboard review.

  • The device allows easy commuting and running errands. There are gyroscope sensors which allow the unit to balance. You can move safely in any direction that you like. The unique Gyro-Technology makes rides easier and more convenient.
  • It comes with two wheels and is rechargeable in form. It draws power from a lithium battery, and allows going around 13 miles on each charge. You can notch up a peak speed of 13 mph with this hoverboard.
  • The device has an overall weight of just 33 pounds, and is portable enough. You can carry it easily even when there is no battery power. Just slip it into a hoverboard bag and you can use it when you need it.
  • With two wheels and improved gyroscope sensors, it allows easier self-balancing. The battery is rechargeable and the UL Certified charger that comes along with the package allows it to be charged up fast.
  • It is offered with a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. You can get the device repaired or replaced easily within the warranty period in case of any technical issues. However, this is unlikely to happen as the hoverboard has been constructed to be strong and efficient.
  • The package consists of the Glyro Self Balancing Scooter Turbo w/Bluetooth Speakers, Black by Jetson Electric along with an instructional manual and UL charger to recharge the Li-Ion battery that powers the unit.


  • Many users have praised the hoverboard for its long-lasting and waterproof construction. In any season, and even during the monsoons, you can use it without any worries of the board getting spoiled.
  • The board can easily be handled and takes less than 4 – 5 minutes to be mastered. You can learn to use it within a short while and lean to the front or back, accelerate the brake and even decelerate it with ease. Due to its larger-sized wheels, you can go a larger distance.
  • It consists of a Bluetooth-enabled speaker which allows riders to enjoy music while on the streets. You can simply pair your Bluetooth enabled phone or tablet to the device and enjoy all the music of your choice. The stereo quality sound makes songs really enjoyable for music lovers. The immersive audio quality allows users a lot of joy and pleasure while commuting to school or office.
  • The use of quality materials in the construction of this board makes it durable enough to withstand constant usage for a long time. Many users have remarked that it lasted for a year and even more at the time of offering their feedbacks on the unit. Although this is not a heavy-duty hoverboard by any means, it can stand up well against some of the durable boards from reputed brands out there.
  • The Glyro Self Balancing Scooter Turbo w/Bluetooth Speakers, Black by Jetson Electric consists of a state of the art turbo boost engine, which offers a lot of power and as fast speeds as 13 mph. It is very enjoyable to ride on for this reason.
  • The pristine white theme of the hoverboard also steps up its attractiveness quotient. It looks very beautiful, and is one of the reasons many consumers love the product.
  • The Lithium Ion Samsung battery pack is a durable source of power for the board, and can be charged quickly. Most users have praised that the battery can be charged up fast, within a span of about 1 hour, which makes it easier for them to take the device for the next outing. The 36v/5.8mAh Li-Ion battery has a higher capacity than conventional 36v/4.4mAh batteries, and is around 32% bigger in size.
  • The immersive sound from the speakers makes rides more enjoyable for music lowers. The advanced speakers are quite powerful and the audio volume can be controlled easily with the aid of the mobile device that you pair it with.
  • This hoverboard works pretty well for adults. Even teens over 13 years of age can learn to use it very easily. Most users have appreciated the unit and remarked that it is ideal for beginners. Overall, the Jetson Hoverboard Review is quite positive.


  • The charger has come under some amount of criticism from a few customers, who have criticized it for its cheap appearance. However, the charger does its job well and most buyers found no reason to complain about its performance.
  • The instruction manual has also been criticized somewhat due to the directions which have been written in poor language, as remarked by some customers. However, most buyers did not have anything to complain about the same and commented that they did not actually need the direction manual. As already mentioned, the unit can easily be operated and riders over 13 years of age can operate it conveniently.


When it comes to whether or not you should buy the unit, there are a few flaws that you have to take into account which we advised above in our Jetson Hoverboard Review. Then again, which board comes really squeaky clean and devoid of faults? The Glyro Self Balancing Scooter Turbo w/Bluetooth Speakers, Black by Jetson Electric does its job well and you can get a lot out of this Bluetooth hoverboard. It has been praised a lot for its durable build and it can last for a long time to come. The sophisticated motor, improved gyroscope sensors and powerful speakers with immersive sound make it a great buy for most consumers out there.


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