Customer Review of the HX Phantom Hoverboard

We gave away a HX Hoverboard to one of our lucky readers, in return for an unbiased independent review of the HX Phantom Hoverboard from a hoverboard hire company based in the UK. Here is what they said. Feel free to check out the HX Phantom Hoverboard Review that our website completed earlier in the year.

Customer Review of the HX Phantom Hoverboard

Here is our review of the HX Phantom Hoverboard.


We’ve picked it up and had a little play!
What an irresistibly good looking board it is! Almost scarily graceful in comparison to its lumpier cousins – you get the feeling that it might just snap in its elegant middle, but actually the build quality is reassuring. The ride is good – although we’ve not done much with it so far. The tyres needed inflating on arrival and once done it glided over lumps and bumps fairly easily. The ground clearance is a definite plus and all in all you get an assured and smooth ride with few wobbles.
A particular feature was its stability on mounting – it feels a good deal less inclined to run off as soon as the first foot is in place than some other boards.
Bluetooth pairing is simple – I was able to link to my iPhone within seconds – although the android user with me struggled to get a connection. The sound quality is good – there is some distortion at top volume – but this is LOUD! – one of the loudest speakers we’ve encountered on any hoverboard with good sound quality at two thirds volume.
Downsides are that the paint finish is going to scratch easily – and the diminutive bumper stickers supplied aren’t much help in this regard – although I can see that to have supplied anything more manful might have spoilt the sleek lines of this most graceful machine…. A silicon cover designed to fit this beauty would be a good idea but of course off the shelf variants only fit standard shaped boards which this is not. The carrying bag is a nice bonus but the fit is appalling – about 10 minutes of struggling finally got it into the bag and zipped up! I like the idea of carrying it rucksack style as the straps are attached but it needs improving with more padding to make this practical. Seriously – try putting it on your back and feel one solid wheel digging into your lower back and the other your neck! You couldn’t walk far like that! Finally a GB plug for this market rather than an adaptor plug would have been a good idea. Everything else is so smart out of the box that this really jars – and given the reports of charging fires, damages confidence in the product too.
But, we’d love to try the new HX Panzer product that has been listed for sale. Thanks very much for giving us the chance to get acquainted with an interesting brand that we had never heard of up until now. We hope you have found the review of the HX Phantom Hoverboard useful.


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