Glidecraft x325 Hoverboard: When You Want It Bigger, Faster, Stronger

A leader in hoverboard innovation, Glidecraft offers consumers another great product to enjoy. This time, bigger and better, in the form of x325 Glidecraft smart self-balancing electric scooter. It comes with additional features too.


• x325 Glidecraft hoverboard comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers to make every ride less boring, and more enjoyable. Whether you glide alone or with your crew, music can keep you company.
• Running flashing LED light illuminates your path, especially when using the hoverboard at night. The flashing LED light also boosts the aesthetics of the hoverboard.
• Hard ABS outer body casing keeps the hoverboard stronger and harder, while keeping it light. Because ABS has a longer lifespan, expect x325 Glidecraft to last a long time and to simply glide through wear and tear.
• 8.5 inch aluminum wheels with rubber tires ensures the x325 Glidecraft will run smoothly on both even and uneven surfaces. It will also perform well against curbs and slightly elevated surfaces, unlike the 6.5-inch wheels.
• At a size of 23.5w x 8.8h x 7.3d inches, the device will provide you with foot pads, where your feet can comfortably rest on.
• Weight limit of 286.6 lbs. or 130 kg means the hoverboard can carry a wide range of users, up to 130 kg.
• Minimum speed of 2 mph and a maximum speed of up to 12 mph, ensures you’ll get to your destination quick enough. Now all you need to do is find out how fast it can go from 0 to 12 mph.
• Certified premium lithium ion battery indicates that the battery underwent safety testing and passed. 4400 mAh of power will give you long hours of fun with the x325 Glidecraft hoverboard.

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Performance & Battery Life

Based on the size of the wheel and speed range, this particular model won’t have a problem gliding through smooth, even surfaces. You can say that the x325 Glidecraft will just lap it up. When traveling over uneven terrain, you won’t need to slow down either, as the wheels can definitely take the bumps and humps, more so when navigating through curbs. The addition of built-in Bluetooth speakers, may not have an effect on overall performance, but it will definitely contribute to a fun and exciting ride.
The UL certified 4400mAh battery cells will keep the hoverboard running for a long time, especially if you keep it at an average speed, instead of hitting the maximum. Of course, you have to understand that using the Bluetooth speakers at the same time can shorten the battery life. The certification, on the other hand, guarantees safety.

What reviewers have to say

Ask anyone who’s used the x 325 Glidecraft self-balancing electric scooter, and they will tell you that they are more than 100% satisfied with it. With its excellent performance, and durable look and feel, you can rely on it to give you more fun and excitement for a long time. This model is great as a gift, for both beginners and pros.

Final Verdict

Among the Glidecraft hoverboards, the x325 model definitely tops the list of the best self-balancing electric scooters. It is faster, more durable and have a larger weight capacity.

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