Hoverboard Weight Limit Guide – Hoverboard Body Weight

Each board on the market has a different hoverboard weight limit. It is important to choose the correct hoverboard for your weight, otherwise, you will be unable to use it properly. The hoverboard, once regarded as the imaginary vehicle that could take you to flights of fancy, is now a reality. This gadget has been seen in use by Justin Bieber, Wiz Khalifa and other famous celebrities. These skateboard-like vehicles make use of self-balancing technology in order to hover above the ground. You need to maintain balance smartly, while riding these boards, which does take some practice! Propelled by electric power and making use of smart balancing technology, they are sometimes called two-wheeled electric scooters. Read on to find out the hoverboard weight limit for some of the most commonly seen electric self balancing scooters on the market at the moment.

ImageHoverboard BrandMax Speed (Kilometers Per Hour)Wheel SizeOur Rating (#)
Halo Rover Hoverboard15 km/h8.5 inches1
Genesis H1 Gemini Hoverboard20 km/h7.5 Inches2
Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard12.87 km/h7 Inches3
Spadger Hoverboard11.26 km/h6.5 Inches4
Skque Bluetooth Hoverboard10 km/h8 Inches5
Epikgo Hoverboard16 km/h8.5 Inches6
Hoverzon Hoverboard12.87 km/h8 Inches7

Hoverboard Weight Limit – What to consider

It has to be kept in mind that hoverboards are vehicles at their core. Like any other vehicle, these can support a varied amount of weight – which can range from around 70 to 120 kg. Generally, many of the top models in the hoverboard market are found to be able to support a maximum weight capacity of 160 pounds. Because hoverboards are battery-powered devices, the battery weight takes a great deal of the weight of the hoverboard.

The hoverboard weight limit of these boards is something that varies from one board to another. Given that varied companies use varied motors and batteries, the amount of weight that can be supported by these scooters tend to vary. It has to be kept in mind that exceeding the weight limit of your board to some extent will not make it unusable. It may only signify that you will need to struggle some more to move at top speeds, or achieve lower speeds overall, particularly when riding in poor driving conditions. For instance, when a pavement is inclined or has a sleek wet surface.

If your body weight is closer to the weight limit of your self-balancing scooter, the most apparent change you will notice is that the battery will not last for as long compared to when in use by a lighter rider. If you are heavier, I would recommend looking for a board that is bigger in size and weight capacity.

If you are looking for very fast speeds, you may need to look beyond 2-wheeled hoverboards. But if you have your heart set on a 2-wheeled hoverboard, the following are some of the best ones to go for.

Other Hoverboards to Consider

IO HAWK – Weight Limit 280lbs


The hoverboard weight limit of the IO Hawk is approximately 280 pounds.

The maximum IO Hawk hoverboard weight limit is 280 pounds. The IO Hawk looks like a traditional segway, although there are no handlebars on this device. It is able to travel at a speed of approximately 6mph.

Our review team found that it took a couple of hours in order to practice riding the IO Hawk, but after a few attempts, it is possible to ride quickly without feeling nervous. It can be used by kids if used under adult supervision.

But once you get used to riding this hoverboard, you will love it! Plus, it looks good, so you can be the envy of all your friends!

SWAGWAY X1 – Hoverboard Body Weight Limit of 222lbs

The hoverboard body weight limit varies between each electric self balancing scooter.

This Swagway hoverboard comes with robust motors and can support a maximum weight of 222 pounds. We found that the Swagway was portable and could easily be carried about, just like a skateboard. It has a weight of just 22 pounds, which makes it lighter than other hoverboards. It is also fast, and allows a maximum speed of around 10mph.

This electric self balancing scooter has a wide range of available colors, so there will be a particular design that will take your fancy. We found the Swagway responded well to even the slightest pressure changes.

As the board operates silently, it is ideal for those who desire a quiet hoverboard. It also comes with rear lights, which makes it safer and more suited for teenagers where safety should still be a priority.

BenchTech® BT-S08 10 Inch Intelligent Self-balancing 2-wheeled Drifting Electronic scooter – Hoverboard Weight Limit of 264 lbs

The hoverboard weight limit of the BenchTech is quite high.

The hoverboard is made of metal alloy, and comes with a vibrant LED light which makes the hoverboard safer to ride at night. It can run in dual speed modes, which can be switched with the help of a remote. These two modes are called “Sine mode” which is steady and slow, and “Square Wave mode” which is robust and quicker.

The board is powered by original batteries from Samsung and is MSDN certified. The batteries can last more than 1,000 full charges. The hoverboard is fitted with 10″ tires and is ideal for those who like hoverboards with big tires. It is able to support weight of up to 264.5 pounds.

Padgene 4.5″ Mini Smart Balancing Scooter for Kids – Hoverboard Body Weight Limit of 120lbs

The hoverboard body weight is 120lbs for this kids hoverboard.

This hoverboard is ideal for thoe younger generation. The hoverboard weight limit is still good at 120 pounds which will be suitable for all children. This mini scooter is easy and safer to ride. It is equipped with two wheels and makes use of state of the art self balancing technology. As this board boasts of double parallel power, it can be balanced more easily, making it safer and ideal for beginners. The power output in this device is of stable variety, and the working state of its battery can be monitored independently. This ensures that its performance is efficient, stable and safe. On a 2-hour charge, it can allow you to go for a range of 10 to 15 kilometers. It is ideal to gift for kids and is perfect for everyday use.

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