Street Saw Hoverboard Review – Should I Buy the StreetSaw?

High quality hoverboards are difficult to identify after a flood of Chinese imports hit the market in late 2015 and early 2016. There has been great demand for hoverboards (also known as self balancing scooters) that pass all the necessary battery safety checks. So we thought we’d complete a Street Saw Hoverboard Review. This brand of hoverboard is currently our Number 1 most recommended hoverboard – and for good reason. So read on to see why the Street Saw Hoverboard should be the hoverboard that you should buy.

Street Saw Hoverboard Review – Should I Buy the StreetSaw?

Although the Street Saw Hoverboards are a little more expensive compared to normal hoverboards, it is worth paying the extra price. These hoverboards are not fitted with a faulty low quality battery. Each model of Street Saw Hoverboard comes with a high quality (and authentic) Samsung battery. This means it will not overheat and cause a fire if it is left on charge for too long. When buying a hoverboard, the battery should be your number one concern. From our review, we verified that this battery was perfect and will not cause any issues.

There are various models of Street Saw hoverboard available, each with different looks and tire size. The budget hoverboard has 6.5 inch wheels. The bigger the tire diameter, the more stable your hoverboard riding experience will be. If you are still learning the basics, I would recommend the “Stability Saw”, which has wheels with a 10 inch diameter which will reduce the risks of accidents occurring.

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In terms of speed, the Street Saw Hoverboard can achieve speeds of up to 10.5mph, which is pretty fast! Any faster and these hoverboards would be too difficult to control. On a single charge, the hoverboard can last around 12 miles, which will be enough for the vast majority of hoverboard users. The Street Saw Hoverboards are fitted with a low battery alert system, so when the battery is low, the hoverboard will automatically alert you to stop riding the hoverboard. This prevents accidents.

Street Saw also offer a no quibble guarantee. If you have any problems with any of Street Saw’s products, they will offer a replacement. This guarantee is essential and not many hoverboard companies offer this. We have a close relationship with Street Saw, so if you have any problems with their products, we can help you get in contact with them.

My favorite model of the Street Saw is the Alien Saw. It is very attractive to look at and will certainly turn heads. It is bluetooth enabled which is a nice additional feature. It has flashing LED lights which make the hoverboard visible in poor light conditions. It comes in a wide variety of colors, so you will be able to choose a Street Saw Hoverboard which matches your requirements.

In terms of charging time, it takes around 2 to 3 hours to charge the Street Saw to it’s maximum battery capacity. This is a lot faster than many other hoverboards available at the moment.

All in all, the Street Saw is an excellent hoverboard and should be one of the hoverboards that you should buy.

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