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Yes, it’s time to welcome the newest version of the Water Hoverboard. There has been a lot of build up for the release of this product, given how popular the land based hoverboard was on its release in the Christmas of 2015.

Behind the new water hoverboard is the renowned Franky Zapata. He is part of his own racing team called ” Zapata Racing” and they have been the brains behind this new hover water board. How does it work? Well, there is a hydro-jet which is connected to a long hose of the board. When the jet is on, the jet is able to propell the rider up to nine foot in the air. The hover water board is able to give enough height in order to give the rider enough space to complete some quite daring flips and tricks.

Picture of the Water Hoverboard

Check out our water hoverboard.

Jet Powered Hoverboard

Another product Zapata Racing have unveiled is their new jet powered Fly Board. We spoke with Franky about the new board.

Check out the new jet powered hoverboard

When did this project begin?

It’s been around four years in the making. We made use of the original Flyboard and modified and adapted that to what we see today. We spent two years in the process of making these great turboreactors, and to ensure we had the algorithms that allowed the rider to be stable on the Flyboard.

When did you make the first flight?

It was only around a month ago where I tried it for the first time. It was incredible! When I tried it, we took a video and posted it to YouTube and the reaction we have had has blown our minds. The whole process has been so exciting.

So, how does it work?

There are four engines inside the board – each are capable of unleashing 250 horse power. So, 1000 horse power of pure energy which is able to propel the board.

Would anybody be able to ride this new board without having any previous experience of the Flyboard ?

The rider will need around 50 to 100 hours of previous experience of the original Flyboard. The more you practice though, the easier it will be to operate. You need to have a bit of confidence to try it!

Is it operated over water simply as a safety precaution?

Yes, the safety of the riders is our principle concern. If one of the turbo reactors failed, we wanted to ensure that the rider was able to make a soft landing. The board can still land with one turboreactor not working, because it can safely fly with three. I feel we are about to reach a stage whereby we can fly the board over land. Let’s take it to the next level!

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