Where to Buy a Hoverboard? Find the Best Hoverboard

We are often asked the question – where to buy a hoverboard? So we thought we’d let you know what retailers that we feel can be trusted for your hoverboard purchase. Amazon recently took the decision to sell hoverboards that are certified with the UL2272 Certification.

ImageHoverboard BrandMax Speed (Kilometers Per Hour)Wheel SizeOur Rating (#)
Halo Rover Hoverboard15 km/h8.5 inches1
Genesis H1 Gemini Hoverboard20 km/h7.5 Inches2
Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard12.87 km/h7 Inches3
Spadger Hoverboard11.26 km/h6.5 Inches4
Skque Bluetooth Hoverboard10 km/h8 Inches5
Epikgo Hoverboard16 km/h8.5 Inches6
Hoverzon Hoverboard12.87 km/h8 Inches7

A person who has neither seen nor heard about hoverboards must have been living under a rock for the last year or so, but those of us who have heard of hoverboards and want to buy our first board, you might be feeling a little confused as to where to buy a hoverboard. For those of you who don’t know what a hoverboard is, it is a self balancing scooter which is sort of like a segway but without the vertical handles. One can ride it similar to a skateboard or longboard. If you are planning to buy one for yourself or your kid, keep in mind that there are quite a few things to consider.

Where to buy a hoverboard?

The retailers to consider

Because hoverboards have only recently entered the market, there are only a few major retailers who currently offer hoverboards for sale. Make sure that you are buying the board from a veritable source. Buying from a major retailer, they will have proper return policies and fair terms and conditions that ensure consumer safety that many smaller independent retailers may not do.

What is the average price of a hoverboard?

We have created a more in depth post on how much hoverboards cost here. Check that post for the latest prices. You need to do some research of your own and shop around a bit to find a hoverboard that matches your needs – both in terms of affordability and features that the hoverboard offers.

Style your hoverboard

You can find celebrities using hoverboard models in plain colors, although there are many types of color options that you can get. There are boards in simple colors as well as in fluorescent hues. You can even order these to be personalized easily with unique artwork and prints. With personalization, you can easily make your hoverboard stand out from those of others. You can establish your own distinct style by getting these in printed designs of your choice.


If you want more out of your hoverboard, consider getting one that comes with enough features for the cost it comes in at. Many of the latest hoverboards now come with LED lights in the front of the board to assist riders hoverboarding in darkened conditions or in low-light situations. Many are constructed out of waterproof material, to help riders use the boards in indoor as well as in outdoor situations. Some also have Bluetooth speakers which allows multimedia playback. Also, make sure you buy a hoverboard which has a powerful motor and rechargeable battery which can last for a long time.

We are often asked where to buy a hoverboard, so we review where to buy a hoverboard.


Although videos on hoverboards hardly ever show people toppling over and getting their boards tumbled, scratched, swiped over or brushed up, it is a reality. Even if left without supervision, the hoverboards can roll away when tested on inclined surfaces. In the early days, you are likely to bump all over and suffer damages to your body. The board will suffer too, and get severely damaged unless it is one designed to be durable. If you are buying from an actual store, you should press the board and check it properly to ensure that it has excellent build quality and durable construction.

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